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Fill-Rite pump

Model: RD812BN/RD1212BN

The RD8 is ideal for both work and play applications. Farmers, Professional Gardeners, Building Contractors, Power Generation Suppliers and any other business where fuel tanks are filled or emptied on a regular basis will find the RD8 the perfect pump for the job. Also, those in the leisure sector will enjoy the convenience of using a hose and nozzle to fill their boats, Jet Skis and snowmobiles. No more lifting heavy fuel cans or spilling petrol in the water or on the ground when filling.

Features and Benefits

• 12V DC pump only
• Up to 30 LPM RD812BN or up tot 45 l/m RD1212BN
• Fully certified to handle Petrol, Diesel and other flammable liquids.
• Aluminum construction
• 3/4 inlet/outlet with BSPP threads
• Low profile
• Thermally protected
• Self-priming
• 30-minute duty cycle
• Smooth in-line switch

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