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Scangrip NOVA-EX (03.5602)Scangrip NOVA-EX (03.5602)Scangrip NOVA-EX (03.5602)

EX PROOF LED work light with cable

Supplied with 10m cable NOVA-EX is the perfect work light where there isaccess to permanent electricity.
The new NOVA-EX explosion proof work light is very powerful COB LED worklight providing extremely bright illumination. 
It is designed with the neweststate-of-the-art LED technology for the professional user.
The new COB (chip on board) LED technology provides a uniform and completelyeven illumination with a high CRI (colour rendering index) value closeto daylight which is particularly effective as work lighting.
Depending on the work task in question you can choose between 2 lightmodes: 50% and 100%, respectively.
Extreme durabilityThe body is made of diecasted aluminium and shockproof to endureeven strong strokes and shocks. 
The work light endures the rough,wet and dirty conditions of the professional working environment,and withstands even outdoor work in all kinds of weatherconditions, as it is completely waterproof (IP65).
By the integrated carrying handle it is convenient to carry the worklight from one work place to the other. 
The flexible stand can be usedas a hanger and to position the lamp in the desired angle.

The following accessories approved to be used in explosiveatmosphere are available to position the NOVA-EX R during work:TRIPOD EX, MAGNETIC BRACKET EX, and SCAFFOLDING BRACKET EX.

€ 499,90 (€ 604,88 incl. BTW)