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Fill-Rite TM Aluminum Electronic Meter

Model: TM Aluminum Electronic Meter

Fill-Rite offers a full range of Aluminum positive displacement TM Oval Gear Meters for the measurement of a wide range of fuels, heavy oils, glycols, and lube oils. These meters are able to handle the pressure and maintain their accuracy due to the use of only two oval gears eliminating metal-metal contact, fewer seals, low differential pressure, and less slippage due to the patented wave form gear design.

The TM Series is well suited for use in additive injection service, low-flow industrial process, small volume batching, fuel consumption systems and monitoring the flow of lubricants to critical bearing surfaces. Combined with electronic registers it is possible to output analog, digital, and multi-point calibration utilizing NEMA intrinsically safe enclosures either attached to the meter or mounted remotely. The TM Series is compact and accurate with an affordable initial cost, long lasting performance, and easy maintenance making the TM Series the intelligent choice.

The Aluminum TM Series offers a full range of metering options ranging from 3/8, ½, to ¾ in sizes with a 1,1 - 76 l/m at a 103 bar. These base meters are available in a wide range of options to accommodate different viscosities, chemical compatibilities, pulse output resolution / pulse output type, as well as optional electronic registers, totalizers and batch controllers. The Flow meters carry a CE mark, the pulsers are UL, cUL, and ATEX listed for intrinsically safe barrier when powered through a UL or ATEX listed barrier with appropriate ratings.

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