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Fill-Rite pomp (FR705VEL)

Model: FR705VEL

Fill-Rite® AC pumps are heavy duty design with all cast iron construction, thermal protection and a wide range of flow rates to support both standard and high flow systems. Whether fueling construction or mining equipment, or tractors and combines, the quality and durability of our AC pumps provide quick fueling and dependability you can only achieve with Fill-Rite.

Features and Benefits

• Up to 57 LPM
• 0,25 kW Motor
• 22 Motor Amps
• 230 VAC Voltage
• 3-Wheel Mechanical Meter (Model Number 807CL1X418)
• 6 Totalizer Digits
• +/- 1,00% Meter Accuracy
• 50/60 Max Pressure
• Thermal Overload Protection
• 1 in. Inlet and Outlet, BSPT-F Portss
• 2 in. BSPT-M Tank Adapter
• By-pass Vales
• Built-in Strainer
• Anti-Siphon Valve Available
• 30 Minute Duty Cycle
• Built-in Check Valve
• Self Priming
• Compatible fluids: Diesel

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