terug naar Pompen Fill-Rite pomp 24V ATEX ( FR4405GE)
Fill-Rite pomp 24V ATEX ( FR4405GE)

Model: FR4405GE

Fill-Rite® 12 and 24 Volt pumps offer all cast iron construction, and offer flow rates and configurations suitable for both portable and stationary systems. With low amp draw, thermal overload protection and a full range of hose, nozzle and flow meter options, this series of DC pumps deliver durability and performace suitable for both private and commerical facilities.

Technische kenmerken

• 75 l/m
• ATEX, ANZEx en INMETRO IEC motor goedgekeurd
• 0.19 kW
• 13A
• 24 VDC 
• 1" Ingang, 1" uitgang BSPP-F 
• 1,1 bar max druk
• Thermisch beveiligd
• 2" BSPT-M tank adapter
• By-pass klep
• Ingebouwde filter
• Werkcyclus max. 30 minuten
• Zelfaanzuigend
• Geschikt voor: Diesel, benzine, biodiesel tot B20, E15, Kerosine

Meer informatie
€ 394,00 (€ 476,74 incl. BTW)