terug naar Complete Pompsystemen 12V EX pomp compleet met slang en nozzle (RD812NH)
12V EX pomp compleet met slang en nozzle (RD812NH)

Model: RD812NH

The only portable DC pump UL Listed for use with gasoline and other flammable liquids.  The RD8 lets you position the inlet and outlet hoses to fit your needs.  Remove two bolts, rotate the flange and you're done.  It also offers multiple mounting options.  Bung mount, foot mount or handheld; versatile enough to fit your application.


Benefits and Features


  • 12V DC pump with hose and nozzle
  • Up to 8 GPM (30 LPM)
  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel up to B20, kerosene and E15
  • Aluminum construction
  • 3/4 inlet/outlet
  • Low profile
  • Thermally protected
  • Self-priming
  • 30-minute duty cycle
  • Smooth in-line switch
  • Includes pump, manual nozzle, 8' discharge hose, 6' suction hose and 10' quick connect power cord with alligator clips
€ 295,00 (€ 356,95 incl. BTW)