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MC406 ConverterMC406 ConverterMC406 ConverterMC406 Converter

The MC406 it is the new high-efficiency, technologically advanced battery powered electronic converter from Euromag, combining high performances and dedicated applications solutions to a low cost of ownership.Combined to the Euromag MUT2300 sensor series, the MC406 is capable to read flow velocities starting at 0.015 m/s (MID-OIML R49 certified).
• Also available with 12/24Vdc power supply and 4...20 mA output
• Compact (horizontal or vertical) or Separate (up to 30 meters of cable)
• Coupled to Full bore sensors up to DN600 - Insertion meters all sizes
• 5 independent internal totalizers
• Pressure and temperature reading modules
• Built-in datalogger with over 100.000 data lines capacity
• Pressure and temperature modules available
• GSM/GPRSRS485 Modbus
• Bluetooth

Reference standards
• Custody transfer (MID MI-001, OIML R49)
• 2014/35/EU – EN 61010-1:2013 (LVD)
• 2014/30/EU – EN 61326-1:2013 (EMC)

• Irrigation
• Abstraction and distribution
• Revenue and bulk metering
• Waste water and treatment
• Leak detection systems
• Any remote application with no access to mains power

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