Continuous monitoring system

OCIO is an innovative system for monitoring the fluid level inside atmospheric tanks. The system detects the static pressure generated by the fluid height by means of a tube inserted in the tank and displays the fluid level or volume. The new design and suitable solutions guarantee a reliable and repeated level indication.

The system is composed of:
• A pipe for detecting the static pressure. The tube with its end is inserted from the top of the tank and dipped in the fluid down to the bottom of the tank.
• A control unit for level display and system management. The unit is provided with intuitive and complete software and allows the connection of two alarm or lock devices.

By means of the software it is possible to:
- set the type and the dimensions of the tank
- define the level alarms
- define the level indication
- define the unit of measurement
- calibrate the instrument
Depending on the set alarm levels, the control unit activates or deactivates the contact working as a remote switch starting the alarm devices or cutting the power supply off the connected equipment.


The OCIO is available in the following models:

Code Description Ref fluid viscosity
F0075510D Level indicator OCIO LV / RS up to 30 cSt
F00755140 Level indicator OCIO Urea up to 30 cSt


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