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Oval gear pulse meters

Designed and realised to be used with the range of pulse meters. Remote installation is provided by simply connecting 2 wires. A large screen simultaneously displays the quantity delivered and the non resettable total. The Remote Display also comes with software applications for calibrating flow metres.
It is available both as a basic display device and as a pulse emitter. It is indispensable when the receiver only recognises discrete quantities of pulses.
The remote display is the ideal addition to our series of pulse meters wherever display and reading of the quantities delivered are indispensable, not directly at the point of installation of the flow meters, but over a distance.
With their easy interfacing management systems, pulse transmitter models connected to Remote Display extend the field of application of pulse meters.


The Remote Display is available in the following models:

Code Description Suitable for pulse meter Version
F1175200B Remote Display K600 diesel Pulse out
F1175300B Remote Display K600/4 Pulse out
F1175400B Remote Display K700 Pulse out
F0049501A Universal Display K200, K400, K600 oil, 
K600 diesel, K600/4, K700
Pulse out
F0049502A Display pulse in For all Piusi Pulse out 
remote Display
Pulse in
F0049503B Display Urea Turbinox and K24 Pulse out


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from € 206,44 (€ 249,79 incl. VAT)
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