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Piusi EX140Piusi EX140

Piusi EX140

PIUSI EX140 is the new transfer pump suitable for flammable fuels such as Gasoline, kerosene and diesel. It is simple to use, compact, versatile and adapts to any working conditions: you can use it wherever you need it most.

The PIUSI EX140 Gasoline pump is cULus certified and complies with the current principles to prevent explosions inside or outside the pump, due to possible components that can trigger the transferred fluid or the surrounding atmosphere sometimes. PIUSI EX140 is safe, reliable over time and specific for the American market where cULus certification is required in order to use transfer systems in potentially dangerous environments. 

Technical data:
Fluids type: Diesel, gasoline, kerosine
Flow rate: 140 l/m.
AC volt/Hz: 230/50
Power watt: 1150
Max. Amp. 5
Duty cicle: Continuous 
RPM: 1450
Intlet: 1 1/4" bsp / 2" bsp drum version
Outlet: 1" bsp
By-pass valve

from € 1055,37 (€ 1277,00 incl. VAT)
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