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Piusi ST EX50 (F00377000)

Non-commercial transfer stations forflammable liquids (petrol, kerosene and dieselfuel) with ATEX/IECEx certified pump.

These transfer stations are ideal forapplications in which mobile or undergroundtanks will be equipped with a dispenserunit. They are easy to install, versatile and compact.
- Sturdy and compact structure
- Cast-iron body
- High efficiency pump that can deliver up to50 l/min (13 gpm), with reduced absorption toensure a long service life
- Anti-noise filter (electromagneticcompatibility - EMC)
- Flanged components: pump, flow meter andfilters can be installed or replaced withoutthe use of sealant, making connection quickand      safe
- Integrated bypass valve
- Overload protection
- Mesh strainer on suction line

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€ 756,20 (€ 915,00 incl. VAT)
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