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Fill-Rite mech. meter (901CL1.5X418)


Model: 901CL1.5X418

The 901CL1.5X418 Mechanical Flow Meter has a large easy to read display with flow ports that can be positioned vertically or horizontally.  This meter handles fluid of any viscosity and is rated for Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Mineral Spiits, Stoddard Solvents and Heptane.  Fill-Rite meters provide precision and durability in a cost-effective design.  The 901CLX418 meter is a 4-wheel liter mechanical meter designed for transfer pumps with a flow rate of 25 - 150 LPM.
Features and Benefits

•25 - 150 LPM
•+/- 2.00% Accuracy
•3,5 Bar Maximum Pressure
•1,5 in. Inlet and Outlet, BSPT-F Ports
•4-Wheel Mechanical Meter
•7 Totalizer Digits
•Large Easy to Read Display
•Replaces model 901LX418
Price on request
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