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Carry 3000Carry 3000

Transfer pumps
Rotary, self priming, vane pumps featuring high flow rates, and easy operation and installation.
The 24/12 version can be used with both voltages.

Technical features:
Vane pump with rotor.
Incorporated by-pass valve.
Connector block with ON/OFF switch.
Threaded 1” or 3/4” connectors.

Carry 3000 is available in

Artikelnr Name l/m
F0022300C Carry 3000 12V  50
F0022400C Carry 3000 24V/12V  50/30
F00223260 Carry 3000 inline 12V 50
F00224240 Carry 3000 inline 12V/24V 50/30
F0034004B Carry Panther 12V 56
F0034104C Carry Panther 12V/24V 35/70


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from € 143,70 (€ 173,87 incl. VAT)
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