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FMT industrial 100 (23 433)FMT industrial 100 (23 433)FMT industrial 100 (23 433)FMT industrial 100 (23 433)FMT industrial 100 (23 433)

FMT diesel pump 100 l/min
230 V-1~AC-50 Hz-EUS
Item number: 23 433
EAN: 4048358234339
Discount group: D
Technical data
Connecting cable, length (m): 2
Connection suction side: G 1'' female
Connection discharge side: G 1'' female
Hydraulic data
Pump design: vane pump, selfpriming
Delivery rate under free discharge
(l/min): 100
Discharge pressure up to (bar): 2,2
Suction height (m): 5
Pumping media: fuel oil and diesel
Motor data
Insulation class: F
Highest permissible limit temperature
(°C): 155
Voltage (V): 230
Frequency (Hz): 50
Power consumption (A): 5,7
Power (kW): 1,2
Thermal protection: self resetting
Duty cycle (min): Continuous operation – a real endurance
Torque (Nm): 4,1
Rotation speed (rpm): 1400
Type of construction: IMB 3
Protection class: IP 54
Materials of parts in contact with liquid
Seals: FKM (Viton®)
Pump housing: AlSi 12 (sea water resistant)
Rotor: GG 25
Vane: POM
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 320 x 135 x 190
Weight (kg): 10,08

● Vane pump, with integral bypass
● On/Off switch
● Siphon protection acc. to WHG (German government regulation for environmental
  care), continuously active
  Special notes
● First class construction of electric machines and pumps
● Designed for a long service life
● Encapsulation of the electric motor, which, in case of extreme temperature
  fluctuations, largely prevents the formation of condensed water and of short-circuits
  resulting thereof
● Motor and switch case made of shock resistant, die-cast aluminium
● Continuous operation – a real endurance runner
● Suction hight 5 m
● Small tolerances provide a high suction- and pressure performance
● Pump case freely positionable in all 90° positions

€ 290,00 (€ 350,90 incl. VAT)
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