Diesel fuel transfer pump assembly

Diesel fuel transfer assembly consisting of an innovative, vertically-installed centrifugal pump with a built-in tank connection.
Equipped with 12 V or 24 V DC motor or 230 V AC motor. The assembly comes complete with suction and delivery hoses, a manual or automatic delivery nozzle and an intake filter. Also available with flow-meter. Compact and easy to use, the transfer assembly can be installed directly on fuel drums or on tanks, with no need for adapters. Thanks to the different voltages available the assembly can be used in a variety of applications, e.g. for fuelling vehicles on work sites or company facilities or fuelling boats in marine installations.
Can be powered by batteries or from the electricity mains.
The version with the electronic turbine flow-meter measures the quantities delivered with an accuracy of +/- 1%.
Simple and versatile, for a host of applications.


• Power supply: 12 V, 24 V DC and 230 V AC
• Flow rate: up to 35 litres/minute

Technical details
• Centrifugal pump with priming device
• Universal motor with double-insulated body
• In-built switch
• Power cables:
-2 meter with Schuko plug on 230V AC version
-3 meter with clamps on 12V and 24V DC versions
• 4 meter fuel hose
• Plastic manual nozzle or aluminium automatic nozzle
• Bottom filter
• Electronic turbine flow meter with +/- 1% accuracy
• 2” BSP and M 64x4 drum connection


The Pico is available in the following models

Code Description Meter Nozzle l/m Volt
F00202020 Pico230 M K24 K24 Manual 35 230
F00202030 Pico230 A K24 K24 Automatic 30 230
F00202060 Pico 12 M K24 K24 Manual 30 12 DC
F00202070 Pico 12 A K24 K24 Automatic 25 12 DC
F00202100 Pico 24 M K24 K24 Manual 30 24 DC
F00202110 Pico 24 A K24 K24 Automatic 25 24 DC
F00202000 Pico230 M - Manual 35 230
F00202010 Pico 230 A - Automatic 30 230
F00202040 Pico12 M - Manual 30 12 DC
F00202050 Pico12 A - Automatic 25 12 DC
F00202080 Pico24 M - Manual 30 24 DC
F00202090 Pico24 A - Automatic 25 24 DC


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