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From a careful examination of growing customer needs, this innovative range of distributors has seen the light, characterised by great sturdiness and elegant design, dispensing speed and precision. Organised data control with selection of authorised operating staff, PC linkup with exporting of data and issuing of ticket by local printer, tank level indicator, water absorption filter to ensure quality of dispensed product, hinged front door, (with lock) for easy access to internal component parts.


• Flow rates from 70 to 90 l/min.
• Pre-selection dispensing.
• +/- 0.5 % precision within the flow-rate range.
• Able to control from minimum 50 to max 120 users.
• Local memory up to the last 255 performed dispensing operations. 
• Possibility of entering vehicle registration number and kilometres (odometer). 
• Dispensing date and time control. 
• Possibility of linking to PC and exporting data at a distance of up to 1000 m. 
• Local printer with issuing of ticket at end of dispensing operation (with date and time) and possibility of locally printing details of dispensing operations performed. 
• By level indicator, possibility of continuous display of tank contents or level.
• Minimum tank level pump stop.
• Magnetic key for user recognition.


See accessories for the following software packages.
• Software package included 1 manager key, 1 keyreader with USB connection and 10 user keys.
When using this package you can read transaction without data cables with the manager key and transfer it to the PC with the key reader for further processing in the software.
• When using the converter, a distance of 800 meters can be reached with a cable, this includes software and USB converter.


The Self Service FM is available in the following models:
Code Description Pump l/m Users
F0073900C Self Service 70 FM Panther 72 70 120
F0074200C Self Service 100 FM E 120 90 120
F00739B0C Self Service 70 FM Tank Panther 72 70 120
F00742B0C Self Service 100 FM Tank E 120 90 120


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