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Flow 38 magflowmeter

Industrial inductive flow meter with display unit

The flow meter is designed for a wide range of fluid measurements in various industries.
Various process connections such as flange, sandwich (wafle), threaded and dairy fittings (DIN 11851) or clamp types are available.
The flow meter offers a wide range of outputs and the communication for connection to various control systems.

• Extensive variability of process connection
• Possibility of the constructional length made to customer needs
• Possibility of the sensor made in full stainless steel design
• Big dynamic measuring range
• High measurement accuracy and repeatability
• Wide choice of lining, electrodes and outputs
• Very simple and intuitive operationPossibility of flow monitoring function (flow switch)
• 350° swivel display for comfortable reading

DN 10 - DN 400
PN 10 - PN 40
Power supply : 230 VAC (50/60 Hz), 24 VAC/VDC with reverse polarity protection
The evaluation unit is made in three versions.
It includes the standard design (head) and the unit is also made in front and panel designs.
It is advantageous in the compact front version that the evaluation unit (display unit) is placed from the front part of the sensor and in case of the separated version, the display unit can be mounted in DIN rail.
The panel mounted electronics offers the installation of the display unit in the electric box door.

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