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Scangrip EX-View (03.5606)Scangrip EX-View (03.5606)Scangrip EX-View (03.5606)Scangrip EX-View (03.5606)

Rechargeable EX PROOF headlamp

Supplied with the newest COB LED technology, the EX-VIEW provides anextremely powerful illumination which spreads the uniform light to themaximum and lightens up your entire field of view.
EX-VIEW is durable and remarkably lightweight compared to other explosionproof headlamps on the market.
The design is ergonomic for a perfect,comfortable fit, and the woven band is strong and adjustable.
When set on sensor mode EX-VIEW is turned on/off only by waving a hand infront of the lamp in a dual movement.
Thus, the light can easily be switchedon/off, even when wearing thick gloves.
As an extra feature, the headlamp can be detached easily from the band andused as a hand lamp or placed on a magnetic surface for inspection work.

€ 99,90 (€ 120,88 incl. VAT)
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