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Diaphragm pump with motorDiaphragm pump with motorDiaphragm pump with motor

The construction of the rugged ZUWA double piston diaphragm pumps provides a constant and pulsation free transport of fluids. The pumps work in a medium pressure range and offer excellent intake capacity.

These pumps are used for the conveyance of herbicides, pesticides or aggressive substances, also with small solids or fluids containing gases. High efficiency, good self priming capabilities along with good dry run characteristics make this pump type a very versatile device.

For the use with acids a pump with propylene housing and VITON® diaphragm is available. The corrosion resistant pumps can be mounted on carts, commercial vehicles, tractors or trailers


spraying herbicides and pesticides
distributing liquid fertilizer
spraying detergents and paint
whitewashing stables
chemical disinfection
cleaning industrial installations

pump housing nylon or polypropylene
continuously adjustable pressure regulator with recirculation, can be used for agitation
mechanical parts oil bath lubricated
good dry run characteristics
glycerine manometer

from € 970,00 (€ 1173,70 incl. VAT)
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