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Hose quick coupling   (F00636000)Hose quick coupling   (F00636000)Hose quick coupling   (F00636000)

Hose quick coupling

PIUSI has developed a new quick coupling that is suitable for use with diesel.
In the past, quick couplings for use with diesel derived from quick couplings that were intended for use with oil, where the bores on the interior were too small for the diesel supply flow.
With this quick coupling, this issue does not come into play. Here the bore has been designed to minimise resistance in the presence of high flow rates during the supply of the diesel.
1 - Fully closed position
2 - Open position
3 - Male coupling
4 - Female coupling
5 - Embossed profile: improves grip for coupling/uncoupling.


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€ 47,70 (€ 57,72 incl. VAT)
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