Filtroll basicFiltroll basic

This filtering unit provides double filtering for oil and diesel fuel and absorbs any water and impurities.
What is more, it can be equipped with electronics for controlling and automating the two functions:

- determine the filtering time in relation to the quantity to be processed,
- switch off automatically in case of filter blockage.
The unit features a supply and suction pipe with integrated bottom valve.


The Filtroll basic is available in the following models:

Code Description flow rate Pump Volt Delivery hose Suction hose
F00506000 Filtroll Diesel 56 l/m Panther 56 230 4 3
F00506010 Filtroll Oil/Diesel 25 l/m Viscomat 70 230 3 3
F0050606A Filtroll Diesel 12 V 50 l/m BP 3000 12 4 4


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