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Cambiaolio (F0050000B)Cambiaolio (F0050000B)Cambiaolio (F0050000B)Cambiaolio (F0050000B)

Oil changer

CAMBIAOLIO responds to the ever more frequent need to extract used oil from automobiles directly from the dipstick holder. By means of a simple, clean operation it is possible to suction all the used oil and collect it directly in a temporary storage container for later disposal in conformance with the law.
The device is equipped with a special electrically operated, self-priming centrifugal pump capable of generating high suction pressure. The lack of contact between sliding parts and the used contaminated oil prevents deterioration due to wear and guarantees the pump\\\'s performance over time.
The suction tube is equipped with a vacuum meter to indicate that the oil has been emptied and a quick coupling for the provided oil probe.
The support is wheeled for ease of movement and use.
Compact, light, economical, easy to use and maintain, it is an indispensable tool for workshops and service stations.

Performance Specifications

• Flow-rate from 2 to 10 l/min (8 ÷ 40 gal/min).
• Continuous Operation.
• Noise less than 70 dB.


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€ 456,20 (€ 552,00 incl. VAT)
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