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Vacubox (F00500B00)Vacubox (F00500B00)Vacubox (F00500B00)

Automatic oil changer

VACUBOX responds to the need to extract used oil from the car with a dipstick holder. An automatic internal device automatically stops the pump when all the oil has been drained off, and an acoustic device signals the end of the operation.
The internal pump sucks the oil and pumps it at distance into a centralized oil tank collector.
The support housing can be wall-mounted. A lighted switch indicates that voltage is present, starts the pump and indicates when suction is ended. A vacuum meter checks the suction conditions at any time.
A necessary machine to be installed in centralized plants for collecting used oil from automotive workshops.


• Flow rate up to 10 l/min
• Noise less than 65 db
• Continuos operation
• Automatic shut off at the end of the operation


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€ 752,10 (€ 910,04 incl. VAT)
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