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K400 Nozzle meterK400 Nozzle meterK400 Nozzle meterK400 Nozzle meterK400 Nozzle meter

Oil nozzle meter

K400 meters can be integrated with the easy oil nozzle to create a handy, ergonomic instrument for controlling and managing oil delivery
The nozzle is fitted with a balanced valve to reduce trigger pressure and can be integrated with different ends to suit specific requirements.
Thanks to an oval gear measuring system, the meters are extremely precise with low pressure loss. K400 functions are controlled by an electronic card and battery powered microprocessor. The card manages display and meter calibration.


• Flow rate: from 1 to 30 l/min
• Precision ± 0.5 % in all flow range.
• Repetitiveness 0.2%
• Loss of pressure: 0.7 bar
(15 l/min with SAE10W40 oil)
• Max. working pressure: max 70 bar
• Bursting pressure: 140 bar

Code Description Inlet Outlet
F00984010 K400 nozzle LT/BSP ½″ BSP Flexible spout
F00984000 K400 nozzle LT/BSP ½″ BSP Rigid spout
F00976W0A Easy windscreen with K400 meter ½″ BSP Rigid spout
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