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K500 Nozzle meter (F0068700D)K500 Nozzle meter (F0068700D)K500 Nozzle meter (F0068700D)

Electronic oil nozzle meter
(without or with preset)

K450 and K500 are meter nozzles able to cater for even the most discerning market requirements.
The possibility of dispensing in preselection makes it truly unique. Once the pre-selected quantity has been reached, the nozzle automatically closes the valve and stops dispensing.
Its functions are extended by a vast menu. The oval-gear meter makes it possible to achieve high count precision with low flow resistance.
Also available in type-approved version. The nozzle makes for easy calibration. Dispensing is made easier thanks to the articulated end and swivel connection for reaching any position.
The external structure consists of an ergonomic plastic shell with shockproof rubber. The trigger protection prevents accidental operation. Thanks to the threaded outlet coupling, any end can be connected.
A large easy-maintenance inlet filter protects the nozzle from impurities. Thanks to the sealed battery compartment it can be used in any condition.
K450 and K500 are unique and indispensable tool for industry operators.

Performance Specifications

• Flow rate from 1 to 30 l/min (0,6 ÷ 7,9 gal/min).
• Accuracy 0.5 % over the entire flow rate range (±0.3% type-approved version).
• Repeatability 0.2%.
• Viscosity range from 5 to 2000 cSt.
• Max. operating pressure: 70 bar max (994 psi).
• Pre-selectable quantity: 0.1 litres min., 99.9 litres max (K500 version).
• Quantity dispensed indicators with various units of measure.


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