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PM GPI Piston (F0031600A)

The HP-100 generates twice the flow of other hand pumps.
Suitable for high volume fuel transfer due to its dual flow, simply adjust the handle to low resistance 55L/min or high resistance 110L/min for heavier fluids.

The kit includes - pump, telescopic suction pipe, outlet hose & spout (HP100K)
HP-100 Hand Pump Features:
- Suitable with diesel, biodiesel up to B20, light oils, Kerosene, Petrol & Ethanol to E15.
- Handle can be locked for security.
- Lightweight aluminium body with stainless steel liner. Nitrile seals.
- Dual flow, low resistance 55L/min or high resistance 110L/min.

€ 453,55 (€ 548,80 incl. VAT)
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