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Battery Kit is a portable diesel transfer kit. The diesel dispenser is equipped with a self-priming electric vane pump with a 12 or 24 V DC motor.
Battery Kit is suitable for all those conditions in which the user has to transfer and dispense diesel in safe conditions, when, for example, only a battery power supply is available. The Battery Kit diesel dispenser has been designed to ensure a reliable and safe diesel transfer and dispensing in situations where the operation of refueling earthmoving machinery is complex.

Reliability over time
The cast iron body makes the Battery Kit robust and durable. Thanks to its compactness, reliability and easy installation, the Battery Kit diesel transfer kit is used in all those cases in which the dispensing or transfer of diesel in safe conditions for construction, marine or agricultural machinery is required. The weight, the small size of the pump and the handle applied to the body are each important features that make the Battery Kit easy to handle and usable in any working environment.

Simple use
One of the main features of the portable diesel transfer unit Battery Kit is to be flexible and quick to install. The flow rate of the electric pump, up to 45-80 l/min, ensures a quick transfer with a duty cycle of 30 minutes. The kit has a suction capacity of up to 2 mt and is equipped with 2mt long cables with battery connection pliers, a 4 mt long hose for fuels with a diameter of 3/4", an aluminum manual nozzle and a bottom filter for the suction hose, which guarantees the quality of the diesel delivered, free from impurities.

Performance Specifications
• Power supply: 12 V DC - 24 V DC.
• Flow rate: 10 - 80 l/min.
• Suction capacity: up to 2 meters.
• Duty cycle: 30 min.


The Battery kit is available in the following models:

Code Description Volt l/m Amp. Fuse nozzle
  Battery kit 3000          
F0022500C Battery Kit 3000 12V 12 13 22 25 man
F0022600C Battery Kit 3000 24V 24 13 13 15 man
F00225410 Battery Kit 3000 inline 12V 12 13 22 25 man
F00226380 Battery Kit 3000 inline 24V 24 13 13 15 man
  Battery kit Panther          
F0034003B Battery Kit Panther DC 12V 12 56 35 40 man
F0034103C Battery Panther DC 24V and 24 70 25 30 man
  Battery kit Bipump          
F00363280 Battery kit bipump 12V 12 80 22 - aut
  Battery kit oil          
F00309060 Battery Kit Viscomat 12V Oil 12 10 35 40 man
F00310070 Battery Kit Viscomat 24V Oil 24 10 18 25 man

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